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Remove the guess-work and always pour wine at the perfect temperature.  White wine, red wine, dessert wines, ports – the Drink Perfector is your key to serving wine like a true sommelier.⁠

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Get the most out of your delicate teas or your robust black coffee.  The Drink Perfector makes serving your hot beverages easy and worry-free. Stop burning your tongue and experience the wonderful flavor  of your tea and coffee by serving up hot beverages with the confidence of a trained barista. 

Breanna W.

"As a college student I LOVE my drink Perfector ! It’s great for the perfect cup every time!"


Chip Gerber

"Great asset to our kitchen. Lets you drink hot beverages immediately at correct brew strength. Highly recommend."


Vicki Zarley

"I use the Drink Perfector to cool my morning tea so I can enjoy it immediately. My husband and I also pour our wine through it to optimize the taste by bringing in to the right temperature. We love the convenience the Drink Perfector provides."

miriam conner.jpg

Miriam Conner

I use this daily for my green tea and my kids use it now for their hot chocolate. It is so great to be able to drink your hot beverage when you want to drink it and also to know it will be a safe temperature for my kids. It’s easy to use and clean. Love it!

maureen gerber.jpg

Maureen Monetti

"It’s fabulous! I love drinking my hot coffee or tea (when it’s brewed correctly!) right away. And I hate waiting until it’s “cool” enough to drink. This let’s me get the right strength at the right temperature immediately! And I don’t burn my tongue! It’s wonderful for coffee, hot tea, and also kids who love hot chocolate! Best thing I ever bought for my kitchen!!"


Ask any Bourbon Steward: Temperature matters. More than any other spirit, the flavor of bourbon can be enhanced or destroyed by just a few degrees. The Drink Perfector guarantees your bourbon is perfectly served to maximize flavor.

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Take your brunch game to the next level: The Drink Perfector makes serving fresh brewed iced-coffee and iced-tea simple, delicious, and instant.  Simply order two Drink Perfectors and our Stacker (in both the foam and stainless-steel versions), and you will be on your way to being the brunch host with the most. 

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