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Contrary to Popular Belief: Summer is NOT Cancelled

The Drink Perfector is the key to your ultimate summer sipping satisfaction

Is there anything better than summertime relaxation and celebrations? We don’t think so. Summertime allows us endless opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest: Calm, quiet mornings – waking up to the gentle heat of the sunrise. Gently dipping your toes into the lake and letting the warmth of the sun kiss your skin while beads of sweat run gently down your back. Crisp summer evenings sitting around a firepit, perhaps smoking a cigar and sharing stories with friends? Or the late-night thrill of brilliant fireworks bursting overhead as you cuddle with a loved one under a blanket.

Summertime is magic, and every summertime event is made better when the perfect drink accompanies it.

The Drink Perfector helps you make the most out of all your summertime experiences. With patented technology designed to bring your drink at the absolute perfect temperature, the Drink Perfector is the simple way to sip your way to a beautiful summer experience.

Use the Drink Perfector to craft perfectly chilled iced-coffee or iced-tea to watch the sunrise with, or to bring that buttery chardonnay up to the wine sommelier recommended temperature of 50°-55° as you lounge in the summer sunset. Channel your inner bourbon steward with deliciously temperature-controlled perfection as you sit around the fire, and sip on the crisp, fruity bite of an Merlot as you watch fireworks erupt above. And when it is all done and you long for a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate as the stars shine above, use Drink Perfector to keep your beverage toasty warm.

We understand that things in this world feel off-kilter right now, but no matter how you slice and dice it, one thing remains constant: Summer is simply the best time of the year, and you owe it to yourself to have the absolute best beverage experience to enhance every glorious moment of it.

The Drink Perfector can’t undo the incertitude of the world, but what it can do is deliver you the ultimate in indulgence and comfort with a wide array of delicious beverage options that will keep those hot summer days refreshing and those cool summer nights hot.

How to make iced coffee & iced tea within seconds of brewing

Ask any barista, it’s an involved process to prepare iced coffee and tea. Customarily, we’ve brewed and then chilled coffee and tea overnight in order to cool them sufficiently to add ice. But thanks to the Drink Perfector foam stacker, we can now enjoy iced coffee and tea immediately post brewing—even adding ice without diluting the flavors!

To make your iced beverage you would need to purchase two Drink Perfectors. By simply stacking them using either the Foam Stacker (free with the purchase of two Perfectors), or our Aluminum Stacker, you are able to bring the temperature down within seconds!



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