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Drinking your wine at the right temperature? Here's how to get it right!

Wine devotees typically uncork vintages at room temperatures for reds and refrigerator temperatures for whites.

But to savor fully a wine's bouquet and nuanced notes, sommeliers recommend reds be consumed between 60° -65°; just a bit warmer than wine cellar temperature. They suggest whites be enjoyed at 50°-55°.

In his article for Chicago Tribune, Food, Wine, Beer & Travel Contributor, Michael Austin wrote, "Most people pour reds too warm and whites too cold. When a white is too cold, its aromas are harder to pick out, and it can seem more acidic. When a red is too warm, it sends up a steamy blast of alcohol, and the fruit gets lost. A too-cold white will descend to its ideal temperature soon enough, but a too-warm red will never realize its full potential — what it might have been with a little chill on it." (see full article)

He goes on to explain, "If you have heard that red wine should be served at room temperature, keep in mind that the room in question was in Western Europe 100 years ago. There was a lot of indoor hand-blowing back then and some runny noses, because room temperature was about 60 degrees. What is it now, 72? Somewhere in the 68 to 75 range? No wine on earth should be served at 68 degrees, let alone 72.”

If the numbers make your head spin or you cannot be bothered by the trappings of precision, then the Drink Perfector is for you!

-For red wines, add ice to the Perfector and pour through the coil to automatically bring the temperature down to the ideal 60-65 degrees.

-For whites, pour through the coil with no ice and the temperature will automatically bring the temperature up to the ideal 50-55 degrees.

With the Drink Perfector, you get the perfect temperature every time with no guesswork.  As a bonus, the Perfector aerates the wine, allowing it to peak to perfection!

Click the videos below to see how to get the perfect glass of red wine and white wine in seconds:


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