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How to make the perfect cup of hot chocolate!

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Moms, making hot chocolate with your kids just got a lot more FUN! The Drink Perfector is a lively way to bring your favorite hot chocolate recipe to a flavorful and safe temperature.⁠ NO MORE BURNT TONGUES We all know sometimes for kids—and for some adults!—waiting for a cup of hot chocolate to cool, can quickly give way to sipping before it's safe to do so. Be assured that with the Drink Perfector, your kids will no longer scald their tongues.⁠ TASTE THE CHOCOLATE AT ITS MOST FLAVORFUL Like coffee, the flavor notes in hot chocolate are best tasted at 140°F, as opposed to drinking immediately after making your recipe at 180°F.⁠ Though there are many recipes out there, here are some expert tips for making the perfect hot chocolate.⁠ IT'S ALL ABOUT PERCENTAGES & TEMPERATURES

  • Start with high-quality chocolate between the range of 60% to 70% cocoa content.

  • Don't boil your milk but bring it 180°F (boiling point for milk is 212.3 °F) to melt the chocolate and extract the flavors.

  • Chocolate should be no less than 20% of your favorite recipe.

  • To finish it off, pour through the Drink Perfector to safely drink and experience the roasted cocoa beans in the chocolate. Drinking hot beverages above 140°F mutes flavors and isn’t healthy for your esophagus.


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