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What's the difference between Boba Tea and Bubble Tea?

Well, technically, there isn’t. ⁠Invented in Taiwan, this drink has become a go-to beverage throughout not just Taiwan, but also all over Asia, North America, South America and Europe. ⁠Traditionally called "pearl milk tea, the other names used are "boba" and "bubble". ⁠ But some argue that there is a difference. And some say it depends on where you live. ⁠ Here in the U.S., the East Coast calls it bubble tea, while the West coast prefers boba.⁠ Some enthusiasts argue that it depends on the type of “pearl” used in the tea. If one uses the traditional tapioca pearl, then it's “Boba”. If you were to use popping juice pearls and/or no milk, then it's "Bubble". ⁠ Whatever you call it, we believe that it’s a delicious and beautiful beverage taking its respective place in coffee and tea shops the world over.⁠


Boba tea (also known as pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea, or bubble) is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in the 1980s. ⁠ Recipes contain tea, flavors of milk (optional) , and sugar (optional). Toppings, known as "pearls", such as chewy tapioca balls (also known as pearls or boba), popping boba, fruit jelly, grass jelly, agar jelly, alovera jelly, sago and puddings are often added. There are many varieties of the drink with a wide range of flavors. The two most popular varieties are black pearl milk tea and green pearl milk tea.⁠


1. Tapioca Boba (aka pearls/bubbles): is a traditional drink addition that is chewy and can be sweetened with sugar and honey. As it is made from tapioca, it has very little flavor when eaten by itself without sweetener. ⁠ 2. Popping Boba (aka bursting boba/popping juice balls): is made from a seaweed extract with fruit juice flavoring inside that "pop"s once bitten into. Due to its wide variety of flavors such as Lychee, Strawberry, Mango and Kiwi, there is much more room for customization and flavor pairings.⁠


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