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The Drink Perfector brings beverages to the optimal and flavorful temperature, perfect for experiencing the fullness of flavor notes and beverage bouquets, which are indiscernible at conventional serving temperatures. 


If you're passionate about drinking (and really, who isn't?), the Drink Perfector is for you!

The Drink Perfector sounds high tech, but it’s actually as old as the hills—literally! The Perfector’s secret is its copper coil.  Copper has been around since the Earth was formed. It’s an element. It’s pure. It’s simple. And, it’s Perfection.

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perfect temperature - The Drink Perfector

Hot Beverages:

Black coffee, tea, and hot cocoa drinkers, you want to enjoy your brew immediately, but you usually have to wait 15-20 minutes to take your first sip--or else you'll burn your tongue!  And even if you do brave the scalding temperatures, you won't likely be able to appreciate the flavor notes, which are unnoticeable above 149°.  Furthermore, you might be putting your health at risk; studies find drinking beverages hotter than 140° increases our risk of esophageal cancer!  The Drink Perfector lets you enjoy your brew at a hot, flavorful and safe temperature in seconds.Click for instructions.

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Wine devotees typically uncork vintages at room temperatures for reds and refrigerator temperatures for whites. But to savor fully a wine's bouquet and nuanced notes, sommeliers recommend reds be consumed between 60° -65°; just a bit warmer than wine cellar temperature. They suggest whites be enjoyed at 50°-55°. With the Drink Perfector, you get the perfect temperature every time with no guesswork.  As a bonus, the Perfector aerates the wine, allowing it to peak to perfection! Click for instructions.

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Before now, the only way to experience the six flavor points of bourbon—fruit, floral, sweet, wood, grain, spice—was to drink it neat. But as any bourbon steward knows, drinking this American classic at 60°-65° degrees is ideal, so we often add an ice cube or two. However, this can bruise the bourbon and break the flavor points. Let the Drink Perfector bring back bourbon perfection! Click for instructions.

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