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Are you serving and drinking your favorite beverage correctly?

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

If you’re passionate about drinking (and really, who isn’t?), then more than likely you consider yourself a savvy connoisseur who takes pride in precise procedures and sacred strategies in drinking your beverage of choice:

No chilled red wine for you. Anything other than room temperature is brutality. And retribution must be made!

You savor the glorious caramel and oak flavor points in bourbon; therefore, you only drink it neat. After all, you’re not a trash-eating animal.

You take no part in the mutation that is warmed-up ice cream and nitrogen in your coffee. You drink it black. You drink it pure. You drink it fresh right after brewing. You want to experience the flavor notes that coffee roasters work hard perfecting. But drinking it at hot temperatures burns your tongue. It’s black coffee, not a horror show.

And with that we say…

However, from hot tea lovers to coffee connoisseurs to wine aficionados and bourbon enthusiasts, the experts all agree…

You’re Drinking it Wrong!

But take heart. We have answers. We have facts. And we have science as old as the hills to lead us to the promised land of Drink Perfection. Literally. But more on that later.

Who Knew? Well, for Starters, the Experts Did!

We all know there are optimal temperatures, perfect for experiencing the fullness of flavor notes and beverage bouquets--indiscernible at conventional serving temperatures.

But it’s crucial to note that what was commonly known as “best practices” is not necessarily making it happen. In fact, in some cases, it makes it worse and even unsafe.

Let’s dive right in and take a deeper look at some drink favorites and break down fact from fiction.

Hot Beverages

Black coffee, tea, and hot cocoa drinkers want to enjoy their brew immediately, but currently wait 15-20 minutes to take the first sip--or else burn their tongues! Also, should they choose to brave the scalding temps, they not only fail to appreciate the flavor notes--which are unnoticeable above 149°F--they also put their health at risk! Studies find drinking beverages above 140°F increases our risk of esophageal cancer by 90%!


Wine devotees typically uncork vintages at room temperature for reds and refrigerator temps for whites. But to fully savor a wine’s bouquet and nuanced notes, sommeliers recommend reds be consumed between 60-65°F, just a bit warmer than “wine cellar temperature.” And whites should be consumed between 50-55°F.


Conventional wisdom says the only way to experience the six flavor points of bourbon—fruit, floral, sweet, wood, grain, spice--is to drink it neat. But as any bourbon steward knows, drinking this American classic at 60-65°F is ideal, so we often add an ice cube or two. However, this can bruise the bourbon and break the flavor points.

Now that you have the facts . . .

Introducing the Drink Perfector!

The Drink Perfector Brings Your Favorite Beverage to the Ideal Temperature

Enjoy your coffee, tea, and hot cocoa the way they were meant to be experienced. The Perfector lets you enjoy your hot brew at a hot, flavorful, and safe temperature of 140°F. Taste those flavor notes--the way coffee rosters intended.

Serve your wine like a true sommelier! The Drink Perfector brings red wines to the ideal wine cellar temperature and removes the flavor-muting chill of refrigerated white wines. As a bonus, the Drink Perfector aerates your wine to peak to perfection.

Be the envy of your bourbon aficionado cohorts as you serve them the perfect glass of bourbon with no ice bruising. Go from neat to perfect within seconds. Let the Perfector bring back bourbon perfection!

The Perfector brings your wines to ideal wine cellar temperatures and, as a bonus, aerates your wine to peak to perfection.

The Drink Perfector, an ideal gift, is now available for online purchase at:


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