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Drink Perfector, an Innovative Invention to Enjoy Beverages at Their Most Flavorful Temperatures

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

CHICAGO, IL (October 14, 2019) – There is a drink or beverage made for every season and every occasion. But every drink--whether it’s coffee, tea, wine or bourbon--also has a unique temperature at which its taste and aroma are enjoyed the best. Until now, beverage drinkers had to rely on guesswork, but now a new invention does the job automatically – the Drink Perfector.

The Drink Perfector was created by entrepreneur Dan Abrell, who was baffled by the continuous complaints from his wife and daughter who drank black coffee but always burnt their tongues when purchasing from a coffee shop or restaurant. He set out to develop the most effective and simplest way to quickly adjust the temperature of a beverage without sacrificing the taste. Three and a half years later… Drink Perfector was born.

“I invented the Drink Perfector so that beverage consumers could enjoy their favorite beverage the way it was meant to be experienced,” explains Abrell. “Coffee, hot tea, wine, and even bourbon have ideal drinking temperatures for taste. With the Drink Perfector, drinks are brought to their optimal temperature in a matter of seconds. " ​​​

Patented and made in America, The Drink Perfector is easy to use. Just fill the Perfector with the recommended amount of ice for the desired temperature, then pour the beverage in the top reservoir letting it percolate down into the cup or glass. There is no guesswork, and within seconds the temperature immediately reaches its range of flavorful best.

For instance, the six flavors points of bourbon--fruit, floral, sweet, wood, grain, spice--can be enjoyed at the perfect temperature of 60-65°F, without the need for ice that could actually water it down.

Wine enthusiasts will especially like the Drink Perfector, as enjoying wine at its right temperature takes some effort and guesswork. The red vintages are usually uncorked at room temperatures, and the white after refrigeration. The Drink Perfector brings them to the recommended temperatures: 60°-65°F for reds and 50°-55°F for whites. In addition, it also aerates the wine for peak perfection!

Black coffee, tea or hot cocoa drinkers need not wait for their beverage to cool down sufficiently, nor do they need to try and brave the hot temperatures. A recent study from the International Journal of cancer found that those who drink beverages at temperatures hotter than 140 degrees Fahrenheit have a 90% higher risk for esophageal cancer. The Drink Perfector eliminates this health risk and brings back the joy of drinking hot beverages.

The Drink Perfector retails for $49.95 and is available at

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